Free Urban Transport System


We have created a model of financing urban transport, which will allow for the introduction of free public transport. That will also be profitable for municipalities. We have also developed a method of settling travel costs for passengers who are not residents of the associated cities. The model also allows to increase the tourist attractiveness of cities.


We have developed a model that will allow for greater automation of public transport. What will contribute to improving its efficiency and use. It will also integrate the needs of residents, businesses and transport companies. A common platform is also a greater opportunity to integrate urban transport in neighbouring cities.

One transport plane

Thanks to a special mobile application, the passenger has access to transport in every city in the system. Along with the possibility to use a joint transfer between cities, also having the possibility to purchase a ticket from other private carriers. The transport plane is also integrated with advertisers, local companies and large corporations.

Behavioral analysis

Thanks to its unique solution, the system allows for a full behavioural analysis of passengers’ behaviour. As a result, bus routes and operating hours can be designed to meet the needs of residents. We have developed a system that is safe, ensures greater optimization of transport and allows for greater integration with enterprises, which thanks to customized advertisements can contribute to the costs of urban transport service. Building a sustainable urban environment with integration of all elements in the metropolis.

If you want to know more about the behavioural possibilities, please contact us!

Transport integration
Digitisation of cities
Better funding

Characteristics of the model

One plane

One plane

All cities from a passenger perspective are in one system. However, due to algorithms, each one is accounted separately.

Fully automated

Fully automated

Timetables, route optimization, advertising, vehicle service and other elements can be improved. And yet you have everything under your control. Implementation of the project will allow for digitalization of the metropolis!

Mobile app

Mobile app

For a passenger, everything is in one place. Access to any city, additional services or other means of transport within easy reach!



We integrate various carriers and additional services into the system. We make sure that the resident of your city has everything in one place!

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

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System Benefits

Lower costs of urban transport for cities

By unifying the municipal transport fleet, service and a common service system, we are able to significantly reduce the cost of service for cities.

Income from advertising

Thanks to the application and a common transport plane (vehicles) and passenger behavioural analysis, we are able to guarantee much higher revenues from advertising.

Replacement of the urban transport fleet

Thanks to the implementation of an innovative project and the association of many cities, the cost of replacing the transport fleet can be covered by European Union or national funds.

Travel costs covered by external companies

We have developed a solution that allows for some of the costs to be covered by partner companies. Because the system will allow for the sale of combined tickets with other modes of transport (e. g. railways), creating special offers for passengers.

Joint purchases as an institution

Thanks to joint purchases by cities, we will significantly reduce the costs of city transport fleets, service parts, electricity and other necessary utilities and services.

"I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him."

Abraham Lincoln

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